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kevinw 2009-07-14 08:05 PM

Strange grouping/bounding box and magnets
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I've just started using OmniGraffle and so far, things are going well. However, I've encountered two problems that I don't understand.

I am currently building up a stencil library. I need everything to be on a fixed grid, so snap-to-grid is always on. My major grid is 1cm with 10 divisions (ie. minor grid is 1mm) The alignment guides are off.

First, I'm having trouble attaching magnets to on-grid points. Sometimes, it works. Other times, it's snapping to one of the (supposedly off) guides. I have the most trouble with triangles. I've included a picture. I can't get a magnet to the point shown in the picture. I have been able to hand place it, but never accurately. Notice that one of the "okay" magnet points is actually off-grid.

The second thing I've encountered is a strange behavior when things are grouped. I've drawn and grouped the same figure, once "upward" and once "downward" (See attached). Notice that the blue bounding box in the upward file does not land on the grid, while the one for the downward one does. After grouping the downward one, I can rotate/flip it to look just like the other, except that now, the bounding box is correct. Since I need everything on-grid, I ended using the downward file.... but what is going on here?


Joel 2009-07-15 09:57 AM

This is a known issue concerning grouped lines, the bounding box can often get "off" of where they're supposed to be. I've added the link to this thread in the bug we have filed on it, thanks for the feedback.

kevinw 2009-07-15 11:41 AM

Thanks Joel! Is this something that will be addressed in the next release? If not, is there a work around when I encounter this?


Joel 2009-07-15 12:25 PM

There's currently no workaround that I'm aware of, other than to ungroup, position, group again. You can click a second time to subselect a line and move it in the 5.2 beta releases, which may be easier.

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