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avernet 2010-01-19 05:44 PM

Why "search iPhone" doesn't search in the OmniFocus database?
I never use the "Search iPhone" feature. You know, the one you get to by going to that page which is before the first page of applications. But, it would be different if "search iPhone" was able to search through the OmniFocus database, and when finding something, open OmniFocus where I can see what I just searched for.

Is there a technical reason why this could not be implemented, or has this not been done yet just because days have this known problem of having only 24 hours?


Ken Case 2010-01-20 06:38 AM

Unfortunately, at least in this first iteration, the "Search iPhone" feature only searches the iPhone's built-in databases: there's no way for third parties to make their own data available to be searched.

We're hoping this changes in the future: we've designed OmniFocus to be able to provide that data to them easily, and we've sent feedback to Apple asking for search to include results from third-party apps. If you also [URL=""]send feedback to Apple[/URL], presumably that will make it even more likely that it will be included in a future iPhone update.

avernet 2010-01-20 10:52 AM


I thought that would most likely be the reason why this doesn't work. I submitted a request to Apple, as you suggest, and this will hopefully be one of the features coming up in the iPhone 4.0 update.


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