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Ward 2006-07-01 08:03 AM

<em> and <i> sometimes displays italic gibberish
From time to time I've seen a line of gibberish like this:
[INDENT]Ygnn.vqtc(.yg)xg"iqv"c" (and so on)[/INDENT]
I just looked into the problem on this page (which will disappear after July 2):
The gibberish text is displayed in italics and comes from <em> tags. The first gibberish is the second sentence of the first paragraph (after "... multiple clipboard & scrapbook.").

Using View Source, I changed the <em> tags to <i> with the same result.

When I selected the gibberish and dragged the selected text into this message, the correct text appeared.

The italic text is fine in Savari 2.0.3 and WebKit r13302.

A variation of the problem text appears near the top of another page, with the italic text correctly displayed:
Do others see the same gibberish?

[SIZE="1"][copy of my formal bug report][/SIZE]

Handycam 2006-07-01 03:42 PM

It looks fine to me.

I've seen this with Safari though. It's a font conflict.

Ward 2006-07-06 08:24 PM

How do I find the font problem?
[QUOTE=Handycam]It's a font conflict.[/QUOTE]
The italic gibberish is showing up more often than before (or perhaps the font gods are angry I reported the problem).

Since others are not seeing the problem, how do I go about resolving it on my Mac?

Ward 2006-08-20 12:41 PM

Font cache corruption
I finally got annoyed enough by this problem (which also showed up occasionally in Mail) that I tracked down and zapped it.

VersionTracker led me to Mark Douma's [URL=""]Font Finagler[/URL], which cleaned my Tiger font caches and restored proper italic text.

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