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policarpo 2010-11-01 09:13 PM

I Want to email tasks from OF Mac the same way I do from OF iPad?
Does anyone know of an Applescript which will allow me to email a Task with Notes from the Mac version of OmniFocus to another user, the way I can from the iPad version?

Since we've lost our connection to iCal I am wanting to email tasks directly to team members instead of sending out .PDFs and a script which would send the same sort of Task attachment file the iPad does would be a great time saver.

This is what the link would look like (but I have no idea how to create an AppleScript in order to automate this):

[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]omnifocus:///add?name=The Task Name Goes Here&note=This would be the nice little detailed note I would attach to the Task I email.[/COLOR]

Could anyone provide any assistance?


Brian 2010-11-02 04:23 PM

Here's some script I could knock together before my wife came by to pick me up. :-)

This has some limitations, but it's a good skeleton to hang some more code off of, at least.

Things I know need more work:
1) I suspect that the action names and note text needs to be URL-encoded for this to work correctly; a google search may be the best place to start there.
2) Rather than just return-ing the text, you'll need to put it on the clipboard or otherwise send it along to your Mail client...

There are probably other places where this could be improved, as well, but hopefully it helps get you started...

set returnText to "" as text
set taskName to "" as text
set taskNote to "" as text

tell application "OmniFocus"
set theDoc to document window 1 of default document
set TaskList to the value of the selected tree of the content of theDoc
if (count of TaskList) is equal to 0 then -- nothing is selected
display alert "No items selected" message "To forward an action as email, at least one action must be selected in the frontmost OmniFocus window. Please do so, then try again." buttons {"Stop"} default button 1 as warning
end if

repeat with theSelectedTask in TaskList
set taskName to (name of theSelectedTask as rich text)
set taskNote to (note of theSelectedTask as rich text)
set returnText to returnText & ("omnifocus:///add?" as rich text)
set returnText to returnText & "name=" & taskName & "&note=" & taskNote & return
end repeat

return returnText
end tell

policarpo 2010-11-15 11:42 AM


Have you been able to look into this anymore?

Schnack 2010-11-17 12:28 AM

This is a functionality that I would really use to death. I'd love to be able to email OF tasks/notes to myself or colleagues.

policarpo 2010-11-17 10:07 AM

Yeah, i really miss this. I use it all the time in 2Do with my Wife. 2Do just does multi-selecting and sharing very very well.

competition 2010-11-17 01:19 PM

I love that feature, using it every day on my iPad!

I hope that it will be implemented in OF Mac soon.

Brian 2010-11-17 01:46 PM

In case it's useful to folks, one of our support ninjas created [URL=""]a web form that creates OmniFocus task links[/URL] via javascript. (The javascript all executes in the browser; information is not sent to his server.)

policarpo 2010-11-17 07:43 PM

That's cool. Anyway to have that work with OF on the desktop so I can email an existing task to another OF user?

Nigelh 2010-11-17 09:41 PM

I'd love to have a shortcut that would turn an omnifocus task into an email. Last month I sent out a request to a staff member via email for some info. At present I use the response to activate my 'next step'... But they didn't respond and I forgot about following it up.

At present the only solution seems to be to set Mail to send me a copy and then to clipotron that to Omni. That's untidy and creates multiple copies.

It would be much easier to create the request in OF, and clip it to an email where I only have to fill out the address.


Brian 2010-11-18 05:42 PM

Bringing the "Email a task" feature that we did as part of our work on the iPad application to the other two editions is something we want to do; just haven't been able to fit it on the schedule yet.

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