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feature request
I think OmniFocus is a great product, but there are a few features that would make it much better:

1. Support for repeating tasks on the iPhone
2. Support for perspectives on the iPhone
3. A much better date/time setting screen. The current approach has no easy way to set the due date to today, other than setting the date to tomorrow and then setting it back. It's also not that easy to set the due date to two days from now -- it would be easier to be able to click on the "day" button twice. Similarly, clicking on the "Week" button twice could select two weeks from now. Overall, I would prefer to click on numbers to select the date/time, rather than trying to scroll the wheels to the correct place.


BrianM 2009-02-06 02:54 AM

Regarding #3:

I have often thought, too, that clicking the 'week' or 'month' buttons should jump to the next week/month, so that setting a date 6 months away just takes a few clicks rather than endless spinning.

Alternatively, there are times when setting only a date is sufficient, and in this case the wheels should specify day, month, and year. Apple's Calendar app does this when you have selected an All Day task. Then switching off the All Day setting allows one to set the time for that day.

Obviously this is not a deal-breaker, but would be a very nice convenience.

(Also, huge votes for #1 & #2 above, too.)


fernelius 2009-10-17 07:18 PM

Thanks for implementing number 1.

I'd also be very interested in the other items listed here (including the second poster).

2) syncing perspectives from the mac would be outstanding
3) allowing easy selection of the current day. I just noticed you've already implemented the repeating taps does repeating week adds. Great addition!

dryad_wombat 2009-12-07 11:14 AM

Voting for perstives on the iphone
.. this would be awesome. I see in the FAQ it is planned for 1.6, so I guess it's a while away?


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