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kened 2013-09-23 02:26 AM

siri won't send reminders to 'OmniFocus' list
i've installed OS 7 on my iPhone 5, and upgraded to OmniFocus 2. I've set up an 'OmniFocus' list in the Reminders app. and Omnifocus is successfully pulling tasks from that list. however, when i ask siri to "Add make a cup of tea in my OmniFocus list" she tells me "sorry, I can't create reminder lists for you. You can do it in the Reminders app."

Has anyone else found this? She does add reminders to the default 'Reminders list'

pjb 2013-09-23 09:19 AM

It might be Siri's difficulty understanding the word Omnifocus. Previously people found it better to say omnífycus. Try naming your list something she can get right every time.

bernd 2013-09-23 01:57 PM

As pjb said, you could use another list name and make that the list for OmniFocus2 in it's settings. I think that's new with OF2 for iOS7.

But if you use that list for OF the most, no matter what the name, you could make it the default list in the in Settings > General > International.> Voice Control. For the default list, you don't have speak the name of the list.

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