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dghpts 2009-01-27 11:55 AM

Expandable symbol logic stencils
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Hi all!
I'm trying to use OGP5 to diagram some Crestron programming that I do.
They use basic logic symbols and I want to build a stencil that I can use to show connections between the symbols. I have looked at the logic symbol stencils and they are a good start, but I need to extend or reduce the number of connections. For example, the "AND" symbol has four inputs and one output. I might need a version that has eleven inputs and one output. There are other symbols such as buffers where I might need to have 2 or more inputs and a like number of outputs plus an enable line input.

It would be very time consuming to create a new symbol for each number of inputs and outputs on a given symbol.

In the Crestron programming software (think of creating a circuit, but you can't draw lines to connect the points between the logic symbols, you name the inputs and outputs, like named connections are connected) you can use the ALT+Equals combination to add inputs and outputs to a symbol. and ALT+minus to remove them.

Is there a way to make such an extendable symbol that would let me add another label for the output and another matching connection point for "wires"?

To start with, a simple rectangle with a label at the top to tell what it is, with magnetic points on the sides (for the "wires" to stick to), and line for a label either inside or outside the rectangle that lines up with the magnet for wire connections would be great start.

Is this possible? or am I asking too much?


Joel 2009-01-27 12:26 PM

You can use the Magnet Tool to create, move, and delete individual magnet points on a shape, click it twice to persistently select it and click on a shape to create a magnet, click and drag to move one, and Option-click to delete an existing magnet.

You can also use the Connection Inspector to add magnets at the cardinal point set as well as putting N number of magnets distributed evenly along a segment of a shape's outline.

That should get you where you want to be, hope the above helps.

dghpts 2009-01-27 12:36 PM

Joel, Thanks for the insanely quick reply, but that is how I am doing it now, I was looking for a simpler way.

I'm looking for a simple key combination to add a magnet and another label line spaced properly down the expanding rectangle.

Maybe this is a job for AppleScript, but I'm not a good enough scripter to try this one.

Joel 2009-01-27 12:49 PM

We have an existing feature request for a new type of magnet that would facilitate what you're after greatly, going to link this thread to the entry we have, but as always, sending feedback to [email][/email] is recommended as well.

dghpts 2009-01-27 12:58 PM

thanks Joel!
I just put together an email and sent it.


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