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HappyCatMachine 2011-02-09 03:18 AM

Interested in seeing if Export to Visio is important to more peeps
I do have OmniGraffle for Mac at home but on the road I use a windows device with Visio. In fact more work that I like is actually done with Visio. Having to use my home machine to translate OGIP files into Visio files seems...troublesome.

I realise that Omni want's to keep their main selling point of the PRO OG exclusive to that version of OG but it seems unfair to users who do not have access to Macs to deny them this very important and fundamental (from a Windows-centric POV) feature.

It would certainly save me some headaches if Visio export was built into OGiPad.

Anyone else feel this way? What compelling reasons would there be for NOT including Visio export into OG for iPad?

Still lovin' it!

Brian 2011-02-09 02:22 PM

Great thread - just want to contribute one data point. Compromises are sometimes required to fit a desktop productivity application onto a mobile device that has 256 MB of RAM, of which any given app can only access a portion. (The iPhone 4 actually has more RAM than an iPad does.)

Converting a document between formats requires holding two copies of the document in memory at the same time; the document/format you're going from, and the one you're going to. If you try to use more memory than the device has available at any point in that process, the OS shuts you down in a way that looks like a crash to most customers. At best, a feature that does this becomes a two-steps-forward-one-step-back situation.

Folks that do want to see this added should definitely email the [EMAIL=""]support ninjas[/EMAIL] and let us know. Just wanted to clarify that there are sometimes technical reasons to exclude features that we know are important to folks. :-)

joekid90 2011-03-16 03:07 PM

Visio export or Visio Conversion
I must say I also have this issue, but found a way round me having to bring my files back to my MAC only to send them onto my Work PC.

I use the facility to store my files from my iPad into a sepcial folder in Dropbox. On my Home MAC I have a piece of applescript monitoring my synced Local copy of special folder on Dropbox,. When a new Omnigraffle file arrives, Omnigraffle on my MAC starts up and a save as visio is processed to a different Dropbox folder and an automated email is sent to my Work email address with the Visio version. On average this have never taken more than a couple of minutes and takes away the pain.

I have a seperate Script running on my MAC looking for any Visio attachments arriving with a certain heading I have defined. These are opened on my MAC in Omnigraffle and saved in an Omni Graffle format to yet another Dropbox Folder

MY Dropbox folder Structure

To Omnigraffle
To Visio
From Omnigraffle

It took a lot longer to work it all out than I planned, but it really has enhanced my experience and integration into my work life. Customers really like seeing me sharing Omnigraffle on a projector and sending them the results before they have even left the meeting.
*Perhaps Omni could consider offering a similar Web based service for ipad* *owners of the application? *

davidsomeone 2011-05-01 05:28 PM

Bump. Extremely important
Import and export OmniGraffle to VSD, directly on the iPad, is EXTREMELY important... especially now (May 2011) that the iPad 2 is generating such "corporate acceptance" en masse.

I'm constantly surrounded by network engineers and electrical engineers who tuck an iPad under their arm, but are "stuck" with corporate policy keeping them in a Microsoft environment on the desktop/laptop.

If they had an easy way in/out of Graffle, they'd be able to leave the laptop and only take the iPad to *that* many more meetings.

Please, oh please?

paddrino 2011-05-10 06:58 PM

Extra Vote Here!
Right now in order to send the data to co-workers I have to convert it on my mac and then send it out.

PDF seems to be a great way to get the data out quickly, but all they can do with it is annotate the pdf it and then send it back to me for me to edit. With co-workers that puts the workload back on me to make all the changes that come back. This would save me a ton of time in my workflow to just email out the Visio and import it back in.

HappyCatMachine 2011-05-14 01:13 AM

This has really become mission critical for me.

GoodReader can manipulate absolutely HUGE files with ease and the only occasional crash. Why can't OmniGraffle deal with converting a diagram to Visio? Is it really that much of a chore?

Drawing apps like iDraw and iDesign and painting apps like Inspire and ArtRage and proCreate convert images between formats all the time. Of course I generally clear most other apps out of memory before I begin to work in those.

I do understand that compromises must be made all the time in software. I am surprised that this cannot be handled in some way (say paging the document in sections).

manojsb 2011-05-15 01:13 AM

Necessary feature
This is a necessary feature. It is important to import and export to visio format....

HappyCatMachine 2011-05-19 01:04 PM

Here is a screenshot of an app that I don't really like but it has built into it an export to Visio. Admittedly I haven't tried it yet but it can be done, at least by Instaviz. Please Omni, you have the code that does this. Optimise it for iPad and get it hooked up pretty please! I've had to redraw so many diagrams because of this!


miguelmarcos 2011-05-20 02:35 AM

I placed my vote for Visio import/export
I also think this is critical. Visio is a heavyweight which needs to be kept in mind. Am looking forward to seeing this in OG iPad soon.

vizwiz 2011-07-09 07:42 AM

Step 1: Add this feature in a robust fashion
Step 2: Taunt Apple since they only have Keynote, Pages and Numbers so far
Step 3: Get acquired by Apple
Step 4: Take a big buyout and retire to the Cayman Islands

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