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menno 2011-02-27 08:54 AM

OmniFocus 1.9 scrolling pains
(I've also sent this to the support address, but I think it's handy for users to share their feedback via the forum too).

First of all: the way you keep pushing out releases of an already excellent product in general makes me a very happy customer indeed. Thanks a lot for that!

But apart from fixes and improvements the 1.9 release has brought a negative surprise: selecting a context or a project for a task has become a pain.

There are now a search box and keyboard taking up most of the page. The amount of contexts/projects one can see has been reduced to barely four. This way one has no overview and fast scrolling is impossible. This basic operation now takes a lot more time (select via type isn't faster or more convenient, at least in my case even with tens of subprojects). Ouch!

Suggestion: make the find / text entry dialog optional by keeping it 'above' the page (like the search function in mail/contacts). Quick access for those that want to type, great overview and fast scrolling for the others.

Somewhat related (but less painful) is that I'm now required to scroll on the home page to get to perspectives. Scrolling on the home page seems a bit of a design glitch. But I read in one of the entries that this is a temporary situation, so I'll survive ;-)

Keep up the good work!


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