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mjknight 2011-12-16 08:15 AM

Numbered rows in OPML export (perhaps via Applescript?)
Dear all,

I have an export quandary, and really hope someone on the forums is savvier than I and can figure it out!

I want to export to OPML with numbered rows. OmniOutliner Pro's automatic row numbering is great, but this does not make it into the OPML export. I've been playing with Applescript, but am a miserable failure in this respect.

Ideally, an Applescript might be written which would take whatever numbering OO has given the row and prefix the row text with that number, so that I could then export to OPML with the numbering in tact. Or, if that is is impossible, an Applescript might be able to prefix the rows text with incremental numbers, without using OO's numbering. I am aware that, once exported, if someone makes additions to an OPML file, the numbering will no longer change automatically, but that is not an issue for the purpose I have in mind.

Does anyone have any guidance for achieving this? It would be very, very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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