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Mika33 2012-01-18 06:48 AM

Problem with Java-Certificates processing
I am using a very hand Notepad application TiddleWiki ([url][/url]) with OmniWeb which was working fine.

In order to write to your local disk this (java script) app uses a *.jar certificate file which needs to be trusted by your browser.

Since I updated to Java 1.6.0_29-b11 from Apple OW refuses the certificate no matter what kind of settings I have in my keyring or with the Java prefs.

Safari works fine here, Firefox too, its just OW which breaks.

Mika33 2012-02-02 04:16 AM

Apparently this more a generic issue with Java! On I do not get [U]any[/U] java applet working anymore. Safari says:

Java Version 1.6.0_29 from Apple Inc.

OW V5.1 says: nothing :-(

this is on OSX 10.6.8

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