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enigma2k 2012-05-16 12:55 PM

actions under "on hold" context

I have read in another thread that most users use a "waiting" context with a "on hold" status where they put all the actions in that requires an action from someone else.

I have done this as the user "keone" described it in another thread.
[QUOTE]I have a [single] "Waiting For" context setup in my context lists.

So, let's say that I have an action with a "Phone" context. I make that phone call on the prescribed date, but now need to wait for something back from the person I called in order to move the project forward. I briefly write down a summary of the call in the note section under that "Phone" action, and then change the context to "Waiting For" with a due date of, say, three days out.

Now, three days later when I'm in context view I can readily see that a red badge next to my "Waiting For" context indicates that I have one item due. I click on the "Waiting For" context, and there it is, a recap of that phone call of three days ago. Since I haven't yet received whatever it was I was waiting for,

I now have three choices: a) Call that person to follow-up; b) Bump the due date forward another two or three days; or c) Ignore it and let the action sit there in red until I do something with it.[/QUOTE]

My problem, however, is that if I use a due or start date on the action so it shows up again under Context view as user "keone" desribed, it won't. It only shows up when I select "Remaining" under view and not "Available".

Is there any trick to this I'm missing?

whpalmer4 2012-05-16 03:48 PM

It will only show up in an available view if the start date has passed, and you have not set the context (or project) to be on hold.

Two ways to do this stuff:

Waiting context on hold, which means actions never become available, and you use a due date to signal that it is overdue, or

Waiting context not on hold, use start date to signal when something becomes available and due date to signal that it is overdue.

enigma2k 2012-05-16 04:19 PM

@whpalmer4 thanks for your reply!
I think option 2 with waiting context not on hold would be the better option because I can immediately see when an action becomes available under context/project view.

Putting actions in a context on hold only allows me to see it within the forecast if I set a due date.

So why do most people seem to use the waiting context on hold?

whpalmer4 2012-05-16 04:38 PM

As I recall, the default database has the Waiting context set on hold, so I imagine that accounts for quite a few. It does seem like experienced users are more likely to use the not-on-hold approach, but there's no wrong answer, if it works for you.

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