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bas42 2007-09-16 05:31 AM

Basic question re row numbering
I'm new to omnioutliner. My question. Say I want roman numberal row numbering. I keep getting something like this:

I'd rather have:

amarcou 2007-09-16 08:04 AM

Go to: [url][/url]

Download 'Useful Scripts' (second item down) and install on your Mac. This will give you a handful of AppleScripts that do useful things in OmniOutliner.

In OmniOutliner, with the outline you want to format open, go to Edit > Select All.

With your outline selected, invoke the AppleScript called 'Harvard-ize'. This will reformat the outline in the Harvard style you seek. All subsequent items added to the outline will follow the Harvard format.

If you want easy access to this and the other scripts, activate the Script menu in the OS X menubar. From Finder Help:

"To make the Script menu appear:
Open the AppleScript utility located in Applications/AppleScript.
Select the "Show Script Menu in menu bar" checkbox."

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