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manducasexta 2008-01-27 02:18 PM

Change due date on multiple items
Is there a way to change the due date on multiple items simultaneously? Is there a way to change other properties on multiple items simultaneously?

Thanks in advance.

ptone 2008-01-27 03:25 PM

Select the multiple items, then open the inspector. Changes made in the inspector will apply to all the selected items.


manducasexta 2008-01-27 04:00 PM

Wow, that was embarrassing! But thanks for indulging my question. I was sure it had to be an RTFM problem, but I searched the FAQ and help. I didn't watch the intro video - maybe that's where I went wrong. Or maybe it's just something that is intuitive to most people from looking at the interface.

In any case, thanks again.

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