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advanced videos
are there any advanced videos available? if not are there any plans on creating any as a follow up to basic?

tcgliderguy 2008-03-12 06:21 PM

I second the motion! :-)

I'd love to see more videos of both how the interface works.... and how people are using OmniFocus in real world situations.....


joelande 2008-03-13 09:19 AM

I was just going to post this very same thing.

I would like to see:
1) An in-depth look at Perspectives
2) Real-world workflow - covering GTD concepts - capture, delegating, waiting for, etc; emphasis on effect ways to accomplish the review concept (including how to set up perspectives useful for review)
3) maybe a short video on repeating actions (seems to generate lots of forum discussion)
4) maybe a short piece on iCal
5) maybe a short piece on mail - with and without mail tags

BwanaZulia 2008-03-13 10:35 AM

Make that 4!


ext555 2008-03-13 01:08 PM

Count my vote also please .

Silmar 2008-03-17 01:53 AM

Another vote here!!

Maluktuk 2008-03-30 07:13 PM

For what it's worth, I've been waiting for an advanced video as well since the official release.

Melan 2008-03-31 10:30 AM

that's a vote from me too

librarymonkey27 2008-03-31 06:23 PM

me too
who doesn't want one

charismatic 2008-03-31 06:36 PM

I cosign on that one. Something you just can't get from reading the directions!

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