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SohoNYC 2008-07-23 06:29 AM

How to use MobileMe to Synch the iPhone without Desktop OmniFocus
I went through the effort to use Search for these forums to find the instructions for whether my iPhone OmniFocus can be used to synch with MobileMe, without having the desktop version of OmniFocus. If this can be done, then it would be appreciated if OmniGroup sets up a Sticky thread with the instructions.

I have lost my data twice in the past week, as documented in a thread, but at least got back some of the data, from the recent loss, from the iTunes backup. I have signed up for the MobileMe trial, although it is not clear I really need MobileMe, except for synching my OmniFocus data.

That said, it will be nice to know if MobileMe can be used to synch with the iPhone OmniFocus, without the desktop version. And, if it can, then the exact directions to set it up would be great.


Lizard 2008-07-23 11:07 AM

You can configure this in the Settings for OmniFocus (at the bottom of the home screen). Scroll down below the "In Contexts, Show" settings to "Synchronization". Choose iDisk and enter your username. The path should default to Documents. (If you want to put it somewhere else, you'll have to create the folder manually on your iDisk from your Mac before using it for syncing.) It'll prompt for your password and then should just work. Let us know if you run into any problems.

SohoNYC 2008-07-24 04:46 AM


Thank you. It appeared to work. I confirmed the file was in the iDisk directory on my desktop finder.

So, if i lose my data again, while in the field, can I synch back the data on to the iPhone? And, if I can, how can I do it?


Lizard 2008-07-24 11:01 AM

OmniFocus will sync with your server automatically when you make changes locally. If your OmniFocus database gets wiped out again, just put those same settings into OmniFocus again and tap the sync button at the bottom of the screen, and it will either pull down the server data automatically, or ask you whether you want to use the server or local data (and choose server).

If you're only using MobileMe for OmniFocus, you might want to look at BingoDisk or other WebDAV providers. Many of them will give you the same functionality for much cheaper. (But check these forums first to see if a particular service is working for other users. Some flavors of WebDAV aren't so cooperative.)

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