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mavakil 2009-12-16 06:24 AM

Any users who use OmniFocus with ical (and perhaps with Blackberry)
Hi Omnifans,

Any users here who've tried syncing omnifocus with ical?
How has it worked for you? Specifically, how do the various contexts of tasks and projects separate out in ical? Does it use a separate Calendar for Separate category? What about Projects? Does ical take a separate context for each project folder?

Also by any chance has anybody then used to sync ical with their blackberry using the latest sync software made available by RIM here: [url][/url]


Brian 2009-12-16 01:35 PM

Welcome aboard, Arif! There's a bunch of information from customers over in our iCal sync forum. (I'm gonna go ahead and move this thread over to that forum; posting here mostly so you know that's happened.)

I don't have a blackberry, so I can't be much help on that front, but I do see some posts from folks along those lines. To answer one of your questions, though: OmniFocus maps your various contexts over to calendars in iCal. It's not possible to sync a To-Do to iCal without specifying which calendar it's for; we figured it would be annoying to have to map every new project to one of your calendars. Since contexts are more likely to stick around, there would be less fiddling around if we did the mapping that way...

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