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steve42 2013-04-29 02:53 PM

Stencil Window Scrolling Anomaly
2 Attachment(s)
Product: OmniGrafflePro-5.4.x
Tag: OmniGraffle/5.4.2/GM1-v139.16

1. I open up the Stencils window, and am scrolled down the list a ways.

2. I click on one of the stencils - in this case the Konigi Wireframe Stencils v3 folder - that I want to display (see omnigraffle-beforeclick.png to the arrow)

3. What I expect to happen - the contents of the folder are displayed in the lower pane of the Stencils window

4. What actually happens - the list of stencils scrolls to the top, and the stencil that is then in position under the cursor (AP42doc) is selected, while the stencil I actually wanted to select is now further down in the list (see omnigraffle-afterclick.png) - the top arrow is where my desired stencil was before I clicked, and now my desired stencil is farther down the list (second arrow) as a result of my click.

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