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TimWatt 2014-05-01 04:01 AM

Enjoying OO4 - but how to hyperlink a name to a URL?

Yes, I'm finding Omni Outliner very useful but I've been looking for a basic issue to be answered that I haven't seen satisfactorily answered.

For compiling long articles, for instance, my convention is to hyperlink the first incidence of any company name. For most Apple apps the convention for hyperlinking some text is cmd-K, or with some other apps it is cmd-L. All straightforward.

However, seemingly not in Omnioutliner. I've seen no method for adding a link to text. You can paste a url next to text, or sometimes if you place it with no space after a word that word can be hyperlinked but not always.

The point being I should easily be able to output my OO4 file in rich text format including hyperlinked text, not have to bother with the fiddly process of cutting and pasting URL's in place with a text processor, when surely Omni Outliner should be capable of this.

Surely... but how?

Thanks in advance.

Ken Case 2014-05-01 05:24 AM

If you type (or paste) a URL as a word by itself (whitespace on both sides), it will automatically turn into a link as you've already noted.

Once you have a link, you can Right-Click or Control-Click on that link to get a contextual menu that includes the option "Edit Link…". This brings up a popover where you can set the display title to the name you'd like to see in your text. Once you've set a display title, you've made that link its own strong entity—so at that point you can get rid of any whitespace before or after the link.

Hope this helps!

TimWatt 2014-05-01 09:07 AM

OK - but pretty long winded!

Thanks, Tim

TimWatt 2014-05-02 03:24 AM

I've tried the suggestion but:
1. It really is a substandard implementation - why not simply have a Keyboard shortcut to do the same? i.e. Select text, cmd-K paste - or whatever...
2. In use I've found it not to work - as there seems to be a character limit for URLs. A workaround is, but what a faff...

Pretty much a deal breaker as URL handling seems so basic a requirement - was very quick and easy in OPML Editor for instance....

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