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pendolino 2008-06-18 05:19 AM

OmniFocus-only incoming email account on gmail
i thought i would post this recent experience for anyone that is thinking of ways to use omnifocus to input tasks through email. i have not found this hack specifically addressed anywhere on the forums.

i wanted to separate my omnifocus task emails from my regular emails since they sometimes clutter my regular inbox and the sync takes longer.

i therefore decided to create a dedicated free gmail account only for receiving my omnifocus bound tasks and by doing this i managed to eliminate the requirement for a leading marker for omnifocus emails since this account would only receive tasks and would not be used for sending emails at all.

here are the steps:

(1) create a unique gmail account with any address that makes sense to you.
(2) enable IMAP access on this account (i could use pop but imap is more reliable i find)
(3) go to (i use leopard but it should not matter) and set it up to access the gmail account through IMAP.
(4) go to the omnifocus created rule in's settings and modify it to only run for emails received on the dedicated account that was just set up.
(5) remove the OF text string condition (--OF or any other that was there) completely since all emails are tasks anyway.
(6) optional: i have deleted emails once the task is imported put in the trash box of the same gmail account to keep everything in one place.

i have just started using it but will update if there are any issues or glitches. since it is relatively simple to structure and run i doubt there would be any.

update here if you find better ways of doing this.

Brian 2008-06-18 02:55 PM

Nice! I can't believe that no one thought of that before.
Adding this to the FAQ.

pendolino 2008-06-22 11:55 PM

brian - glad you like it and i also was surprised not to find something like this especially now that i have used it for a few days and it is working beautifully without a hitch. the whole mailbox is basically out of sight and just acts like a pipe to OmniFocus.

pendolino 2008-06-23 01:04 AM

btw do you know of a way to prevent omnifocus from using the double hyphen flag to parse multiple tasks in one email?

i have a problem when forwarding email tasks to OF when they have message threads within them since forwarded or reply messages start with "----" or more hyphens when processed by MS Outlook and that causes inaccurate message parsing by OF to multiple irrelevant inbox entries vs. the one task that I am looking for.

I am guessing there may be an alternative script for mail rule handling or a modification to the existing script or even a preference in OF?

Brian 2008-06-23 12:54 PM

I personally don't know how to tweak that - you'll probably want to send in email via the help menu so your question gets in front of more knowledgeable eyeballs.

pendolino 2008-06-30 02:25 AM

thanks. i've just sent them the same question. lets see what they come back with.

reign7 2009-04-20 07:06 AM

This mysteriously stopped working for me. I had everything setup fine the mail script works all the way up to adding a task.

Toadling 2009-04-20 07:35 AM

Do you have the Safari 4 beta installed?


reign7 2009-04-20 07:47 AM

I do

Toadling 2009-04-20 08:16 AM

There's a bug in the Safari 4 beta (Apple Mail uses Safari's WebKit to render email contents) that prevents the OmniFocus script from working. From what I've read, it sounds like an issue Apple has to fix. Only solution now is to revert back to Safari 3.


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