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Castell 2009-11-27 07:20 AM

Reverse Hierarchy of OO list?
Hi everyone,

Iím new around here, and am just getting used to OO Ė itís amazingly useful! I have a question, though: I have no experience with scripting, but am wondering if there is a script or an efficient way to reverse the hierarchical order of parents and children in an OO document Ė Iíve searched around but havenít come across on e yet.

Iím not looking to re-order the list necessarily, but rather to reverse the hierarchy of all the parents and children. It's a single-column list with no comments or attachments etc.

I'm mindful that the implication of this is that there will be far more top-level parents than in the original list.

A simple example would be turning:
-Root vegetables
-Leafy Vegetables
Into this:

-Root Vegetables
-Root Vegetables

-Leafy Vegetables

-Leafy Vegetables


Does a script exist for this? Is it possible? If one does'nt but you think it's possible, does anyone know of anyone out there who might be able to help write one?

Thanks for your help - and sorry for the long question!

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