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scotty321 2009-04-22 06:15 AM

Unhoist vs. Unhoist All
Hi there,

Could somebody please explain the difference between the "Unhoist" and "Unhoist All" menu commands?

Since we can never hoist more than one section at a time (although I would LOVE this ability!!), it seems to me like "Unhoist All" is redundant... because it always does the exact same thing as "Unhoist", which is to unhoist the currently-hoisted section.

There's no way in OmniOutliner to hoist more than one section at a time, so therefore, there's no way to unhoist "all" sections.

Am I understanding this correctly?


p.s. Again, I really want the ability to hoist more than one section! :)

DerekM 2009-04-22 10:09 AM

If you use the actual Hoist command while drilling down a section, you can unhoist back to each level you hoisted. It will not work if you use the section list. The section list does not exist in the standard version of OO so Hoist/Unhoist(All) is the only option there.

scotty321 2009-04-24 10:30 AM

Ahhh, that makes sense, Derek. Thank you so much!

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