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Ward 2008-01-09 08:39 AM

Delayed "Send to Inbox" comes from the frontmost application
I selected a message in my Mail Inbox and used my keyboard shortcut for Services > OmniFocus: Send to Inbox. The "Mail" application menu name was selected, but nothing happened. When the "Mail" menu would not drop down, I assumed Mail was hung. After 15-20 seconds, I moved on to another task to let Mail and OmniFocus finish their business in the background.

About a minute later, the OmniFocus Quick Entry window popped up, displaying the Mail message header lines (From, Date, ...). However, the task name field was "From Address Book - Address Book". Indeed, when I saved this entry in a project, it appeared in OmniFocus just as it had appeared in Quick Entry - just the four header lines, not the Mail message.

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cayco 2008-01-09 12:58 PM

I'm having the same issue but with all other apps I tried (Safari, Finder, NetNewsWire)! Also I have meassage error: using of „OmniFocus: Send to Inbox” service was not successful because OmniFocus application did not respond to service request (my translation from polish message).

I'm using OmniFocus/1.0/final-v77.1.2

Can anyone help?

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