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TesterConsulting 2011-01-29 05:27 AM

Task/Group specific Calendars
Hi, I'm looking for a product able to assign to a task specific calendar.
I'm still in the triyng period with omniplan and despite its very attractive conception I didn't find to way to do what I really need.
Suppose that I have to control on a single file tha planning of consultings activities accros multiple customers (mapped as an high level group of tasks). Some resources will works 2 day a week for one group and 3 days/w for an another task group.
Any suggestions to have an automated split of 10d on a five w shedule two day a week for first group?
Any workaround?
Is it possible to expect such functionality on new releases?


whpalmer4 2011-01-29 10:49 AM

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I'm not entirely sure I'm understanding your request, but I'll describe what I think you are asking for, and how you could do it with the existing product.

You've got two projects, one for Acme Widgets and one for Zenith Observatory. You've got a couple of staff people, Stan and Ollie, who work Monday and Tuesday on Acme work, and Wednesday through Friday on Zenith work, plus Curly, who works all five days per week on Zenith work. I would set up separate Stan and Ollie resources for the two projects, with Stan (Acme) working Mon-Tue, Stan (Zenith) working Wed-Fri, Ollie (Acme) Mon-Tue, Ollie (Zenith) Wed-Fri. Then I assign the resources to the tasks as appropriate, and level. The Gantt chart may show bars extending over days where the resources do not work, but that is normal and if examined closely, you'll see that the overlap of the bars with days where the resources are active accounts for exactly the right amount of effort. I've attached a simple example.

TesterConsulting 2011-01-29 12:34 PM

Whpalmer, you provide me a great solution.
I'm enthusiastic!!
Thank you very much

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