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davidamis 2011-05-25 03:35 PM

Complete Keyboard Shortcuts for OmniFocus
The [URL=""]keyboard shortcuts[/URL] document that the OmniGroup has created for OmniFocus has most keyboard shortcuts, but not all. I couldn't find a complete list, so I thought a community-contributed shortcuts documents was needed. I started with the OmniGroup document and added a few items, but I know there are more.

Please contribute! Just post a note to this thread and I'll add it to the list.

Since the symbols for control, option, etc. can't be shown on the forum, I've replaced them with <control>, <option>, etc. When the list is really complete (with your help), the symbols can be put back for a PDF version of the list.

[CODE]The Complete OmniFocus Keyboard Shortcuts

Page 0
Not covered in the original Omnigroup document:

Focus/Selection Legend:
Some keyboard shortcuts will do different things depending on the current focus (sidebar or main) and selection (item or text). If you see <item> as part of a keyboard shortcut, then the keyboard shortcut only works if the entire item, rather than some text in the item, is selected. For example, <item>D means that if you type 'd', and one or more items are selected, the items will be moved down.
Focused on sidebar <sidebar>
Focused on main <main>
Item(s) selected <item>
Text selected (item) <text>
Text selected (in note) <text:note>
<text:note> is almost always the same as <text>, so if you see <text> it usually also applies to <text:note>

Non-menu Keyboard Shortcuts
Switch from text editing to item selected <main><text>ESC
Switch to/fom editing note (1 item selected) <command>'
Hide/show note (multiple items selected) <command>'
all notes in folder/project <sidebar><command>'

Modifier Clicks
Open new window focused on folder or project <option> double-click project or folder
Please contribute more...
Page 1
OmniFocus Keyboard Shortcuts

Return <return>
Shift <shift>
Control <control>
Option <option>
Command <command>
up arrow <up>
down arrow <down>
left arrow <left>
right arrow <right>

Common Shortcuts
Add Action Return (except <item:note>)
New Window <option><command>N
Synchronize with Server <control><command>S
Clean Up <command>K
Planning Mode <command>1
Context Mode <command>2
Inbox <option><command>1
Quick Entry <control><option>Space

Quick Entry's shortcut can be
customized in Preferences
Column 2

File Menu
Show Quick Entry <command>N
Add Project <shift><command>N
Add Folder <option><shift><command>N
Add Single-Action List <control><shift><command>N
New Window <option><command>N
Import <option><command>I
Export <option><command>E
Synchronize with Server <control><command>S
Synchronize with iCal <option><command>S

Page 2
OmniFocus Keyboard Shortcuts

Edit Menu

Add Child <command>}
Add Aunt <command>{
Move Down <control><command><down> -or- <item>D
Move Right <control><command><right> -or- <item>R
Move Up <control><command><up> -or- <item>U
Move Left <control><command><left> -or- <item>L
Indent <command>]
Outdent <command>[
Group <option><command>L -or- <item><shift>G
Ungroup <item><shift>U
Clean Up <command>K

Insert Time Stamp
Short Date <command>/
Short Date and Time <command>|
Time <command>@
Long Date <option><command>/
Long Date and Time <option><command>|
Column 2
View Menu
Planning Mode <command>1
Context Mode <command>2
Inbox <option><command>1
Focus on Selection <control><command>F
Go to Sidebar/Outline <command>4
Show in Other Mode <option><command>R
Expand All <control><command>9
Collapse All <control><command>0
Expand Rows <command>9
Collapse Rows <command>0
Collapse Rows Completely <option><command>0
Show/Hide Toolbar <option><command>T

Page 3
OmniFocus Keyboard Shortcuts

Quick Entry
Save to Inbox <command>S <command>K
Cancel Without Saving ESC

Quick Entry's shortcuts can be
customized in Preferences

Show Inspectors <shift><command>I
Show Perspectives <control><command>P
New Project/Context in Cell <command><return>

When Selected:
Complete Action/Project <item> Space
QuickLook Attachment Space
Column 2
User-Created Shortcuts
Clippings _____
Quick Entry _____
________________ _____
________________ _____
________________ _____
________________ _____
________________ _____
________________ _____
________________ _____
________________ _____
________________ _____
________________ _____

historydoll 2011-08-15 01:21 PM

This is fabulous! Thank you. I wish I had something to add :)

emvac1 2011-08-19 05:58 AM

Maybe a bit off topic, but anybody knows a keyboard shortcut to put a project in «on hold» status? Thanks!

RobTrew 2011-08-19 06:53 AM

[QUOTE=emvac1;100744]a keyboard shortcut to put a project in «on hold» status[/QUOTE]

You could assign a shortcut to a script like this, which toggles selected projects back and forth between [I]active[/I] and [I]on hold[/I] status.

[CODE]tell application id "OFOC"
tell front document window of front document
repeat with oPanel in {content, sidebar}
set refProjects to (a reference to (selected trees of oPanel where class of its value is project))
set lngProjects to (count of refProjects)
if lngProjects > 0 then exit repeat
end repeat

if lngProjects < 1 then return
if status of value of first item of refProjects is active then
set status of value of refProjects to on hold
set status of value of refProjects to active
end if
end tell
end tell[/CODE]

emvac1 2011-08-21 08:15 AM

Oh wow this is awesome! Tanks a lot!

historydoll 2011-08-22 05:46 AM

How about a shortcut to make a project repeating?

whpalmer4 2011-08-22 01:13 PM

Given that you have to supply a number of different bits of information when you set up a repeat, it's a bit unclear to me how this proposed shortcut is going to all of your repeating projects repeat in exactly the same fashion?

mlaferle 2012-01-06 08:44 AM

Expanded Notes w/keyboard
When entering a new item, I would like to type the title, context, project, etc, but then I would like to use the keyboard to also type in the expanded note area to add further details for the task. Is there a way to activate the expanded note using the keyboard? I've only been able to click on the paperclip icon on the far right side of the row. Thanks!

whpalmer4 2012-01-06 09:03 AM

Try command-' to edit the note. Do it again when you are done and the note will be closed.

emory 2012-01-06 10:08 AM

FYI, there's a really great Dashkard for OmniFocus:


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