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Alcibiades 2008-11-19 09:10 PM

"Revert to Default View" Icon
Hi there,

I'm about to ask a silly question, here goes:

I'm learning, finally, about the utility of perspectives. I have two perspectives I use all the time (@office and @homeoffice). However, when I mess with the view to find flagged items, due soon, and the like, I always have to go back to the top menu for reverting to default view. Is there an icon for this that I can add to the toolbar?


Alcibiades 2008-11-19 11:22 PM

I may have figured this out. I went to the perspectives viewer and created a new perspective, then I went to "revert to default view" in the top menu. I just used those particular settings for the new perspective. Then I moved the new icon into the toolbar.

malisa 2008-11-20 04:49 AM

It sounds like you want the view bar turned on. You can do that at any time. It toggles on/off. Go to View>Show View Bar (or Hide View Bar if it is showing).

If you have a perspective set up that you like, other than it doesn't have that showing. Go to that perspective, turn on the view bar as described above then go to Perspectives>Take snapshot of current perspective and your perspective will then include the view bar.

Andrew 2008-11-20 10:42 AM

Alcibiades, if I understand you correctly, you probably just want to click on the perspective icon again. That will take you back to the default view for that perspective. (As opposed to the "revert to default view" -> custom perspective that you described - that will get you a view that is effectively unrelated to the "current" perspective. I hope that's clear - I'm finding it a bit difficult to describe.)

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