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curt.clifton 2007-11-12 08:05 AM

* Items which have not started. I have a particular action that occurs every couple days and needs to be done that day. I have the start and due date set the same, and a repeat every two days - that action never disappears out of the count on the left, which is kind of annoying since I can't actually *see* the action.

* Items which are not available because they are blocked as part of a serial action. I realize there is some space for argument on this front, but I don't think I should see a count of things I can't do yet.[/QUOTE]

I agree with your first point for "soon" items, and have also sent feedback on it.

I strongly disagree with your second point. If a blocked action is due, I need to be reminded of that fact so that I can get the blocking actions done too. If I truly can't get those actions done, then I must re-negotiate the due date on the blocked item.

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