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HappyDude 2010-10-20 03:17 PM

Ever Attempt a Weekly Review on the iPhone App?
Or at the very least processing and turning inbox items into next actions and projects?

Or is it really only a tool for you to capture incoming items and tackle next actions?

Just curious is all.

@ work I'm allowed to be on my phone and thought it may be interesting to process some stuff and create some projects along the way in the iPhone app.

Brian 2010-10-22 01:37 PM

I have occasionally done a "review" - checking off stuff and updating dates as needed - on the phone, but I struggle to hold the big picture in my head while working with such a small screen.

It's sort of like travelling via Greyhound vs driving or flying. You can get there, but the journey isn't always pleasant. ;-)

(Irrelevant side note: it was a real eye-opener to travel via National Express coaches in the UK; so much better! I'm not sure if it's the smaller land mass/denser population or what, but man... actually pleasant. In the US, you pretty much only travel by bus if you have no other option.)

Oogiem 2010-10-26 06:25 PM

I tried, total failure. The complete lack of a review function makes it unworkable for me. Plus typing on the iPhone/iPod app is painful at best.

HappyDude 2010-10-26 08:50 PM

Upon creating the post i've not tried to do a WR on the iPod Touch, but brought the issue up concerning these random once a month days when i'm not at home, only have OF for my iPod...and the day throws so many things at me from all different angles, with numerous items required the same day.

- As for the iPad I haven't done a WR on there either. Wait, no...yes I have. It's just that the one time I did a WR on the iPad, at the end I wasn't completely satisfied, leaving me with a feeling that something may have been forgotten or not dealt with.

I've had numerous WR's where I could use the iPad, its just that my MBP is right there next to it...

and to me the MBP OF is just heavenly.

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