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stephenrussett 2010-02-15 12:15 PM

Printing Outline with Gridlines??!!
Is there not a way to print the WBS outline (without Gantt) with gridlines. Even better quesiton is there a way to add gridlines to the WBS within omniplan?

I know you can use the HTML report to get gridlines, but i was hoping there was a option i was mission in the print as seen with outline only checked and get gridlines. At the very least horizontal gridlines would be nice. Or the internal mac 2 tone colour rows (White, blue)

I have many columns atm and it is getting really hard to move across the row and make sure i am on the same row. I find my self holding a ruler up to the screen to make sure i dont look at the wrong line.

stephenrussett 2010-02-15 12:27 PM

mmmm found the alternating line colour that works. But some gridline options would be nice too

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