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jpelton 2008-12-01 09:20 AM

Evading Print on Print Dialog
I'm trying to write a little script that will print my perspective "mornings". I'm trying to set it up to do so every morning, automatically, using cron, and without my intervention.

I've got
print perspective "mornings"

But that opens the print dialog, which then waits for me to hit the enter key or press the print button.

Any advice?

James Pelton

RobTrew 2008-12-01 09:30 AM

[CODE]print perspective "mornings" without print dialog[/CODE]

aslansmane 2010-03-15 10:31 PM

Any luck with printing perspective?
Just curious if you ever had any luck writing a script that would allow you to print a specific perspective? I'd like to have OmniFocus automatically open and print a perspective for work so that when I wake up I can grab my to-do list off the printer.

Is that possible? I know nothing about AppleScript.

RobTrew 2010-03-21 12:59 PM

An applescript containing the following code (with the first line amended to specify the name of the required perspective) should do what you need:

[CODE]property pPerspectiveNeeded : "Due"

tell application "OmniFocus"
print perspective pPerspectiveNeeded without print dialog
end tell[/CODE]

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