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TheSophist87 2010-09-15 12:37 PM

Custom templates in OO3 (Non-Professional)
I heard a myth that you cannot have custom templates in the Non-Professional version of OO3. Here is a post from another (older thread) that dispels that myth.

"There is, actually, a way to save your custom template in OO3 (non-professional). Create the template as you would like it and click "File>Save As..." Next save the file to your desktop as something professional (I used "Research Paper.oo3template" for example). Make sure you select "OmniOutliner 3 Template" from the "File Format" drop down.

Now you need to find the OO application in your applications folder. Control+click on it and click on "Show Package Contents." Now follow this file tree: "Contents>Resources>English.lproj>Templates." All you have to do is drag and drop your template from your desktop to this folder and relaunch OO3. From now on, when you go to "File>New From Template" your custom made template will be right there amongst the rest of them!"

Hope this helps!

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