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sfgraphicdesigner 2010-10-14 06:30 PM

OmniFocus Tasks to OmniOutliner Lists
Hi all,

Is there a way to export OmniFocus tasks with nested tasks to either a bulleted list format or an OmniOutliner document.

I'm constantly building lists in Omni Focus such as minutes from a client brief that I would like to send in a contact report but I'm finding it hard to get them out of OmniFocus in a usable format.

Any ideas will be much appreciated.



whpalmer4 2010-10-14 07:26 PM

Give RobTrew's OF2OO script a try and see if it meets your needs:


sfgraphicdesigner 2010-10-14 07:46 PM

Awesome, worked a treat. Thank you! sf d;-)=

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