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spacewalk 2007-11-22 06:35 AM

Quick Entry row deletion bug
I reported this with "Send Feedback...":

OmniFocus 1.0 vaportrail (v49.0.94950)

1) Hit the keystroke to bring up Quick Entry. You have one blank row with a cursor blinking in it, as expected.
2) Hit the Delete (backspace) key. Incorrectly, this deletes the entire row.
3) You now have no rows in Quick Entry, and there's no way that I can see to create one.
4) I tried Control-click inside Quick Entry to see if that brought up a contextual menu that would let me create a row. No menu appears.

Richard Flynn 2007-11-22 06:54 AM

With no rows displayed in the Quick Entry panel, you can press shift+return to display a new blank row.

This is the same shortcut that you can use to add more than one entry at once in Quick Entry. AFAIK this is the only way to add more than one task in Quick Entry; strictly shift+return is 'Add row above' and so the second task appears above the first. I personally wouldn't mind seeing another shortcut for adding a row below (but let's keep return on its own to save and close the Quick Entry window—it was a pain when this shortcut was turned off a few months ago and the only way to close Quick Entry was Cmd+S).

spacewalk 2007-11-22 07:32 AM

Thanks for this. I did not know about Shift-Return. I still feel, however, that my scenario qualifies as a design error in an environment like Quick Entry with no menubar or taskbar. Either Delete (backspace) should not destroy an empty row if it's the the only remaining empty row (my preference) or there should be an "Add Task" button at the bottom of the interface where Cancel and Save are now.

Cottser 2007-11-22 08:24 PM

Control + Return should give you a new row below.

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