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peterlemer 2008-07-23 02:04 AM

newbie asks how to control the proliferation of open windows
subject says it all :-)


curt.clifton 2008-07-23 05:32 AM

What proliferation of open windows? I don't see that behavior. Can you describe what you're doing when a new window appears? (My guess is that you are using perspectives that are set to open in a new window. For custom perspectives you can use the Perspectives --> Show Perspectives dialog to change that behavior.)

mctheriot 2008-07-24 09:26 AM

There are two ways that I get more than one window:
- If I have preferences set to display over-due tasks in Mac menu bar and I click an item in that list, it opens a new window.
- If I have Growl notifications on and click on a Growl OF alert, it opens a new window.

However, I haven't found a way to force the primary window to display my request rather than opening a new one.


curt.clifton 2008-07-24 02:45 PM

Ah, I see. That's a good idea. I don't think there is a preference for that yet, but you can use Help --> Send Feedback to submit a feature request.

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