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gandalf44 2009-07-06 06:46 PM

Growl explanations
With the recent release of Prowl ([url][/url]), I have been playing around with the Growl configurations.

Can Brian or someone else who knows Growl help me understand the intricacies of it with OmniFocus?

For example, I have Growl to notify me of Available Soon tasks (which in Omnifocus preferences is set for 3 days). I set a bogus task 2 days out, just to see if I get a notification, and I don't. If I set a task for say, to start 2 minutes from now, and end 2 minutes after that, I get a task available Growl/Prowl notification in 2 minutes, then an overdue after 2 more minutes have gone by. Ok great. But I'm generally confused about the Growl Omnifocus notification settings, and actually what Omnifocus is doing.

Can someone explain all this fully? I don't see in the Help or pdf manual.


whpalmer4 2009-07-06 08:19 PM

I assume you mean Due Soon, not Available Soon, right?

The notification process is driven by the change in state (including starting/waking up and noticing that something has become available/due soon/overdue while the application wasn't running). You are only going to get the notification if the action was in existence when the available/due soon/overdue time arrived. If you have Due Soon set to be 3 days, if you enter an action that is less than 3 days in the future, you will not get a notification. Clear as mud?

gandalf44 2009-07-07 07:30 AM

Thanks whpalmer4, that actually helped. Not so muddy, I guess I needed someone else to jsut say it, so it was clear to me. I needed to realize the triggers for the notifications happen when, well, the trigger is hit :-). If I set a task ahead of it, it won't show.
Hence Brian's example in a different thread to set a task with start/due dates 2 min ahead, so you can watch the Growl notifications to see them work.
Thanks again.

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