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cbhiii 2012-02-01 11:19 AM

Subscribed Calendar Color Stuck on Purple

I'm running OF v1.13.2 and iOS 5.0.1 on my iPhone.

Since iOS 5 will now let you select calendar colors for each individual calendars, I have done this for all of my calendars.

However, my OmniFocus subscribed calendar color will always default to purple. I can change it again and again, but it will always revert to purple. This was not an issue in the past. I have tried deleting the calendar in settings and resubscribing it, but the problem remains.

Any suggestions?

Brian 2012-02-01 03:52 PM

Interesting - I hadn't noticed that iOS 5 let you control those colors now - nice of them to add that!

I *think* the calendar app tries to use whatever color is specified on the Mac side. All the calendars that I have in both places match when viewed on my iPhone, in any case.

I'm not sure where that info is stored or transmitted, though. I enabled calendar export on my Mac, then took a look at the contents of the file that OmniFocus puts on the server, and nothing jumps out at me as being OmniFocus saying "hey, make this calendar purple".

If you subscribe iCal or some other app (I use BusyCal, personally) to the calendar, then change the color there, it's possible that'll make it's way to the iOS Calendar apps. Sorry I couldn't be of more conclusive help. :-/

cbhiii 2012-02-01 04:37 PM

Thank you for your reply. Yes calendar color selection is a very welcome thing. It had been working fine before under iOS5, but did not notice when it stopped working for my OF calendar subscription.

I do not use OF on my Mac. I use it on my iPhone and iPad. However, I did launch the app on my Mac and synchronized the database. Then I launched iCal just in case and looked for a calendar (or something) representing OF tasks, but there wasn't one (looked in OF Mac app too and saw nothing). I do not believe they are linked, or if so, it is not apparent.

I believe this color setting worked fine until a newer recent release of OF, but I was not paying attention to give a more precise time when I notice this to have stopped working.

Is it possible that the iPhone app is resetting the calendar subscription in a way that it is defaulting to the first color the phone is giving it?

Again, thank you for your time.

(Sync method is OSS)

Brian 2012-02-03 02:50 PM

I'm not an engineer, but to the best of my knowledge, the only time the calendar subscription info is touched is when the "Subscribe in iCal" button gets tapped. Apple takes a very dim view of apps messing with other apps' data in an automated fashion or without permission - if OmniFocus were doing that, I think it would be very likely that they'd reject the build.

That said, it can't be a coincidence that the colors are matching on my various devices. The color getting stuck on whatever Calendar picked first is certainly possible; I'm just not sure how to get it un-stuck.

Yeah, the more I look into this, the more I think this may be a Calendar-on-iOS issue. I changed the color of one of my 'regular' calendars on the iPhone and it changed color on my iPad. When I tried the same procedure with a non-OmniFocus subscribed calendar, the color ended up out of sync on the two devices, and I lost access to the "Custom" color I had set.

I had to re-set the custom colors using BusyCal on my Mac, then push that out to iCloud and wait for the iOS apps to notice the change.

Brian 2012-02-03 02:55 PM

[QUOTE=cbhiii;106863]Then I launched iCal just in case and looked for a calendar (or something) representing OF tasks, but there wasn't one (looked in OF Mac app too and saw nothing). I do not believe they are linked, or if so, it is not apparent.[/QUOTE]

Whoops, I totally overlooked this on my first read-through of your post! If you're running the Mac app in trial mode, just set up Sync, check the "Publish Due reminders as a calendar", and then use the "Subscribe in iCal" button. That'll let you do the same thing I described in my previous post to adjust the color to your liking.

Easiest way to set up sync on your Mac would be to open OmniFocus' settings screen on your iPhone, tap "Sync Method", and then tap "Send Settings via Email. Send that email to yourself, open it in Mail on your Mac that has OF installe, and click the settings link. (Note that Gmail or other web interfaces won't handle the settings link properly. You need to use Mail, Outlook, or similar.)

cbhiii 2012-02-10 06:47 PM

This is my issue. It is with subscribed calendars.


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