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Jenny_Y8S 2012-11-23 07:56 AM

I can build, but I can't archive...

I've added some omni libraries to my project (For the text editor aspects) and while I can build for the simulator I can't archive the project, which makes me think something is wrong with my release settings.

I end up with errors such as:

Lexical or Preprocessor Issue
'OmniBase/OmniBase.h" file not found

The texteditor example is fine, and I've got my project mirroring the settings from this, but there's clearly something I've missed.

My library search paths, header search paths and scheme all appear to match between debug and release.

Can anyone help me to point me in the direction to something I've missed. Do I need to build each sub projects first in a different way? I'm at a loss as to know where to look next, I've been staring at "Build Settings" for hours.

Thanks in advance.

Tim Wood 2012-11-23 12:02 PM

We don't use the Archive feature in Xcode to build our .ipa packages, but rather do a normal Release build and package that ourselves (this just ends up integrating better with our internal automated build system, internal software update feeds and such).

So, it is definitely possible that some of the settings in OmniGroup/Configurations are causing trouble for the Archive action. If you figure out what we can do to make this better, we'd love a pull request!

Jenny_Y8S 2012-11-25 01:33 PM

Thanks for getting back to me.

I think my issue is within the 'CopyLibraryResources' build phase. If I don't include this phase then I can build but not archive.

If I include this phase (as is) then then I can't even build as the script fails with an error.

Unless you have any hot tips I'll look at learning all I can about those scripts of yours.

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