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WilliamGallagher 2014-01-09 11:55 PM

Possible bug:ErrorDomain error 1
I nip out of OmniOutliner for iPad, check something, nip back and now often get this error message:

"The operation couldn't be completed. (com.omnigroup.framework.OmniBase.ErrorDomain error 1)"

I seem to be able to continue editing my outline. But the thing I've been nipping out to check may be relevant: I have a three-column outline, I sorted by one column and now want to move rows around but don't appear able to.

I can select the rows and there is a Move button which tells me to tap where I want the rows to go, then I get an Above/Between/Inside choice. But I'll pick above or below and nothing at all happens. The rows stay back where they were.

Could this be because I've sorted by a column? Is that sort order fighting me?

Thanks for any help you can give me,

DerekM 2014-01-10 12:09 PM

Your move issues does sound like it's purely due to sorting. When sorting is on, you have no control over the order other than changing the content of the row that is being sorted on.

As for the error message, could you please contact our Support Humans at [email][/email] so we try to figure out what's going on. Also please include what version are you using, OmniOutliner 1 or 2 for iPad.


WilliamGallagher 2014-01-11 11:53 AM

Thanks, I'll do that.

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