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davidinva 2009-09-24 02:50 AM

Problem with popup column
I created a popup column containing names of towns in my area and used it for in a name file. I left out a towns and added it to the popup menu. The new town (Bergton, e.g.) was at the beginning of the menu, bumping the previous beginning town (Bridgewater) to second in the list. The next time I selected Bergton as a town for an entry, all of my Bridgewater entries were renamed Bergton. What happened? Does that mean that once a popup list is created, no changes can be made?



whpalmer4 2009-09-24 06:25 AM

I can only reproduce this by editing the list in such a fashion that I change one of the existing entries, rather than adding a new entry and dragging it into the appropriate spot on the list. Otherwise, it seems to work exactly as I would want; adding to or subtracting from the list doesn't affect any of the existing entries, so long as they didn't use the values added or subtracted.

Does that explain what happened to you?

davidinva 2009-09-24 07:25 AM

Thanks. I'll play with it some more. I was going down the list and adding a town name where it would alphabetically go. I have some other names to add also. And, if I save this as a template, I assume that the popup column goes along as formatted.

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