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omnibob 2012-01-26 07:24 PM

Importing data into an existing doc
I have a project, which is mostly me as the human resource, that I started out keeping track of my time, materials, and labor, in Excel. The fields relevant to OmniPlan that exist in it are:

date, item, my hours, labor cost, materials cost

Mid-project, I began tracking actions (but not materials costs nor labor costs) in OmniPlan.

I want to add some needed extra columns in the spreadsheet, export the relevant columns to a delimited text file, then import it into my existing OmniPlan doc.

My goal is:

- Have all of my hours in OmniPlan, so I can get a total when the project is complete.

I'm going to continue tracking labor and materials costs in Excel (the project is getting close to done).

Following are some things I'm considering doing, and some questions.

1) I think I need to create a start date+time column, and an end date+time column, and somehow get dates into a date/time format in Excel that OP can ingest. The start time is really irrelevant; i.e., it could be 12am of the day.

2) I will add a column for resource, and fill in my name for every row that I did work (again, I don't need to track other's work, since I'm accounting for that as labor cost), then probably sort on that column, and only export rows that have my effort in them.

3) Since OP will move forward any times that are not part of a resources regular or extra-hours schedule, at least when creating tasks in the interface, do I need to, say, create extra hours for every day of every week of the entire project (multiple years), to allow the imported tasks of mine into the project? That seems daunting.



omnibob 2012-08-06 04:43 PM

I just finished this. It was easier than expected. I followed help, and exported a sample project, then created a template spreadsheet, got my old data into it, massaged the data (e.g., convert to OP time format), set a start date, and things rolled in quite well.

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