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thoreinar 2007-10-30 02:45 AM

I got a lot of calender duplicates in the sync preference pane
This creates a problem because i do not know which one of the calenders which is the correct one since a lot of them have the same name. There is no duplicate calenders in my Ical

How can i solve this problem,i have tried the reset button in omnifocus but it does not solve the problem

Wild Rye 2007-10-30 09:01 AM

I've got a similar problem--no answers, though.

Running Leopard, I have numerous "extinct" calendars in the sync list.

I've tried throwing out the Omnifocus database, info.plist and backup, but I still see these calendars in the sync list.

Ken Case 2007-10-30 09:29 AM

My advice from the [URL=""]Sync Preference Problem[/URL] thread also applies here:

[QUOTE]In build 93621, we've added a checkbox which logs some debugging information to the Console. Could you turn those logs on, quit, run the defaults remove command (to get back to a working state), then do whatever it takes to reproduce the problem (that would be useful to know, too) and send us a copy of the "Calendar sync" log messages from your console? You can get them by running the Console application (in Applications:Utilities), and send them to us by selecting "Send Feedback" from the Help menu and pasting them into your message there.


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