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bankomeister 2007-06-30 01:43 PM

iPhone OmniFocus solution - web based ical syncing?
I just got an iPhone and really disapointed at the lack of task syncing from ical. I am assuming this will come later and/or there will be a mobile OmniFocus, either web based or installed when 3rd party apps are allowed, but I am looking for a solution in the mean time. What I envision is some sort of task management for the web with a slimmed down mobile interface that will sync with my OF ical calendars. There are many many web based task sites that will produce calendars that you an subscribe to within iCal (ie: 30boxes, remember the milk, etc), but I need the other way around. Does anyone know of one that will subscribe to my OF iCal calendars? Thanks.

BwanaZulia 2007-06-30 04:48 PM

I think RTM has a good iPhone version.

But I agree, this needs a solution.


Mindflayer 2007-07-01 10:37 AM

From the style of the fonts in the Notes app, I am willing to wager that syncing/tasks and so on are coming RSN.

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