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jctracey 2009-07-03 04:37 PM

Feature Request: "Actions" as bullets/items, not tasks to be checked off?
This may be crazy ...

I love OmniFocus. I'm trying to use it for all of my basic note-keeping, though, and in certain respects a few minor new features would make it even more useful. For instance -- it's great to be able to use it to keep list of wines I'm interested in trying. So I have a Wine "project" and under that, wines sorted by varietal. For instance:

Cabernet (child of main Wine project)
-- Oberon 2005 (child of Cabernet)
-- Heitz 2005 Martha's Vineyard
-- A-Z 2006
-- Grgich 2005


The way these are with the OmniFocus design is standard checklists. But these will never be checked off, you know? So what if we could have some "projects" that could just have bulleted items that can be added or deleted, instead of having them as tasks? I know this is NOT what OmniFocus was designed for but it seems like a cool way to make a great product even more flexible.

I would much rather be able to store most things in here -- gift ideas, restaurants I want to try, etc. -- rather than use multiple applications. And OmniFocus already does most of this.

Thanks guys!

John Tracey

whpalmer4 2009-07-03 05:56 PM

But as long as you are willing to ignore the presence of the checkbox at the beginning of the line, you have all that already. If you don't want them cluttering up your action views, assign them to a context or project that you've put on hold.

Toadling 2009-07-03 07:31 PM

Why won't the items on your list of wines ever be checked off? I mean, aren't you going to actually try each one at some point? If so, isn't this actually a list of actionable items? If you want, you could even word them as actions, beginning with a verb: "Try Oberon 2005", "Taste Grgich 2005", etc. You could even write a little note about your impressions before you check each one off the list. As they eventually get preserved in your archive database, you end up with a nice record of all the wines you've sampled over the years along with your thoughts at the time (or who you were with, or where you were, or whatever's important to remember). I do something similar with a list of films my wife and I want to see. It's worked really well.


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