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Ward 2010-04-25 10:39 AM

Purge "Web interface" support files from Time Machine backups
I discovered two HUGE updated-every-minute OmniFocus Web Support log files while investigating why Time Machine had so much to backup, even when I was away from my Mac:[LIST][*]production-stdout[*]production-stderr[/LIST]My log files had grown to 9.5 GB.

[TRE-EDRE's handy [URL=""]Back-in-Time[/URL] utility enhances Time Machine's features, including the ability to see which files were backed up on a selected run.]

Since the Web interface has been discontinued, deleting the related Application Support files from your Time Machine backups can free up a LOT of space -- in my case, I got back [B][COLOR="Red"]498 GB[/COLOR][/B]:[LIST=1][*]Turn Time Machine off temporarily.[*]Open your ~/Library/Application Support/OmniFocus/ folder.[*]Enter Time Machine.[*]Right-click on the Web Interface folder and select Delete All Backups of "Web Interface".[*]Exit Time Machine.[*]To keep these files from reappearing, see Brian's [URL=""]instructions on disabling the Web Interface[/URL].[*]After restarting, trash the Web Interface support folder.[*]Turn Time Machine back on.[/LIST]I wish I had discovered this several days ago when Time Machine started reported its backup disk was full and it was discarding the oldest backups.

-- Ward

whpalmer4 2010-04-25 12:56 PM


why couldn't you have made this discovery a week ago, before I had to fool around with Migration Assistant to recover a friend's book-in-progress from his Time Capsule while his iMac was in the shop? :-)

Looks like I could have grabbed just the files we wanted, instead of everything on the Desktop (and yes, he's one of those people that never met a file he didn't want to save on the Desktop!)

Thanks for posting this!

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