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hotwheels22 2011-03-21 01:36 PM

Highlighting in color?
Hi All.

I am going to read the full manual as soon as I get out of the weeds here.

Would anyone mind telling me if there is a way to assign a color - say red - to a task in Omni?

is there a term for this so I can search the help menu?


whpalmer4 2011-03-21 02:47 PM

You want your task to be red? Just assign it a due date of, oh, yesterday :-)

No, there isn't any color-coding available except based on the status. Open up the OmniFocus preferences and click on the Style tab; you'll get a nice color coded list.

I assume the request for red means you want to mark something as urgent or higher priority; why not just use the flag feature for that, at least until you are more familiar with the system?

hotwheels22 2011-03-27 02:37 PM

thank you

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