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Johnny1402 2011-08-08 01:07 AM

Adjust Resource Grid - Row Height?
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Hi all,

I started creating quite a large Omniplan with a wide range of resources involved which is now making my resource overview not very usable due to the height of the entire grid.

I'm not able to adjust the height of the rows in the resource grid - correct me if I'm wrong - which is becoming a huge problem when trying to get a project overview (See attached example).

Can anyone help me sort out the issue, or let me know if there's alternative solutions to be able to get a full overview of your resource plan?


/Johnny Michaelsen

Tom Bunch 2011-08-09 02:00 PM

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We call each of those "rows" a swim lane internally, to disambiguate from a row of tasks that may lay out one after another in the same vertical range.

Two factors determine the height of a swim lane. The first is that it must have vertical space to lay out all the tasks at their appointed time without overlapping. See attached. The portion of your plan shown is somewhat atypical in my experience in that it requires only one row.

The other factor is simply the resource name. We just want to lay it out sideways to label the swim lane. We ought to look into wrapping or truncating long names, and/or add resource initials that can optionally be used to label swim lanes. Could it work for you to shorten your resource names as a stopgap measure?

And please send a feature request to us at [email][/email] and let us know how you'd prefer to see this handled in the future.


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