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JamesD 2012-08-20 02:39 AM

Focus automatically switching between open Outlines

I'm running OmniOutliner Pro 3.10.5 on a fully updated MBP running Mountain Lion. I have three Outlines open, and I'm copying and pasting text between the three files.

I'm noticing that focus is automatically shifting between the open documents. This usually happens when I'm not doing anything, it just shifts focus to one of the other open documents.

Any idea what could be causing this? It's very annoying. It's not happening with any other application.



[EDIT] This also happens when I'm working in another application. For example, I have Chrome open, and I can see focus switching between Outlines in the background (although they don't steal focus from Chrome). This is weird.

DerekM 2012-08-20 02:47 PM

We've had a few people report this and our suspicion is that it has to do with the OS auto-saving. However we haven't been able to repro it yet. And your mention of it happening when you're using Chrome is a little odd unless it happens very shortly after taking focus away from OmniOutliner. Do you have any apps installed and running that interact with OmniOutliner in anyway by chance?

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