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RobTrew 2013-01-16 02:48 PM

Using 'Save As' instead of 'Duplicate' in OmniGraffle
Ever since Apple issued a diktat that we were to suddenly desist from using [B]Save As[/B] on our computers (this is their business ?), and that we should make high-minded efforts to persuade ourselves that we didn't need [B]Save As[/B] and should, furthermore, immediately forget how simple and serviceable it had proved for decades, I have made efforts to conceal an inner groan whenever I found myself wasting time, yet again, with the sacerdotal inanities of that pious [B]File > duplicate[/B] business.

In OmniGraffle, it doesn't even have a keybinding by default

Brett Terpstra's [URL=""]Restore Save As everywhere[/URL] article today thus comes like welcome rain

( Haven't actually managed to make it work yet for Omni products :-)

Let me know if you do ...

Ken Case 2013-01-16 03:11 PM

Im a bit puzzled: in Mountain Lion, Save As is already built-in with the keyboard shortcut Command-Option-Shift-S. Is there something else that adding that same shortcut would do that I'm missing?

RobTrew 2013-01-16 08:59 PM

Thanks, Ken. Sounds as last like a good reason for moving 10.7 → 10.8 :-)

( and Brett Terpstra reports that you can get Save As in OO though Sys Prefs – presumably in 10.8 )

( So perhaps the Whig view of history is not entirely for the birds – even after setbacks, there can be progress … )

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