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Johnruexp 2013-08-29 06:29 AM

Sync Preferences "dimmed'
This is odd. My OmniFocus on my MacBook Air is telling me:

"Your OmniFocus database is not set up to synchronize with a server. Would you like to set it up now?"

It takes me to my "Synchronization Preferences" panel in OmniFocus, but it is "dimmed"; that is, I can't choose which method to sync with, etc.

Up to now, I've been syncing with Omni Sync without a problem.

Software is up to date. I'm in a coffee shot with wifi.

Any ideas?

Ken Case 2013-08-29 07:01 AM

Sorry the interface isn't more clear about what's happening!

OmniFocus can only sync your main database, but it can open alternate databases (such as its database backups). It sounds like you've accidentally started editing an alternate database rather than your main one—or at least that's what OmniFocus thinks.

If you command-click on the title of your window, OmniFocus will show you which database you're editing.

If this isn't enough to help you figure out where the problem is, don't hesitate to contact our Support Humans for help: [email][/email] or 1-800-315-6664.

Johnruexp 2013-08-29 07:20 AM

That was very helpful. I simply closed OmniFocus and re-opened it - it apparently "reset" itself to the correct database.

Against all odds, the data I had entered during the "sync blackout" was there, and I was able to establish my sync (saw new material appear on iPhone).

If my iMac at home cooperates the same way, I'm all good - - thanks!

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