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Joel 2011-09-23 02:40 PM

Important OmniGraffle 5.3.4 update
Hot on the heels of the 5.3.3 release yesterday comes a new update, version 5.3.4.

Why? Well, there were bugs. Bad bugs. Bugs we unfortunately didn't catch until after the release went out the door.

Specifically, it was discovered that the popup menus for selecting line endings in the Lines and Shape Inspector were completely blank. Also, the main menu items were not being localized at all.

So, here's a fix for those problems, along with some other bug fixes pertaining to the new canvas size auto-adjustment enhancements. You can read all about all the changes at our [URL=""]Historical Release Notes page[/URL], and download the new version from our [URL=""]website[/URL], or check for updates in the OmniGraffle Menu.

[B]UPDATE:[/B] OmniGraffle & OmniGraffle Professional 5.3.4 are now approved and available on the [URL=""]Mac App Store[/URL].

Cheers, and sorry for the inconveniences of yesterday's release.

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